Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tea Sketches

Vernon 2
Originally uploaded by Chris Brogan.
Dave has created a MONSTER! I have been drinking tea like a fiend, and making my wife drink tea. My newborn son should be drinking, tea, too! I haven't been sleeping well. I'm jittery, but man, I'm creating teastain art to beat the band. Click the photo to get to Flickr, and then check out the entire series. There's a mountain of it in there.

By the way, I've created another blog for my personal art, so that I don't just FLOOD the Visual Thinking School. I'll put something up about that later on today.


Thelma said...

Chris: try with linden and others, instead of tea!
You would have different colours and sleep better.

dave said...

no wait chris -- i want you to keep flooding the visual thinking art blog!!!!

andrew said...

And for even more fun, get a some whiteout :)